First General body meeting of the semester

Tonight we will be having our first general body meeting of the semester in Wilson 102 @5:30pm. All are welcome to come and join. Please bring your laptops because we will be filling out show declaration forms at the meeting. If you cannot make the meeting and would like more information you can contact us at 

Tune in to WBZ's "The Jordan Rich Show" at midnight for an interview with members of WIRE!

If you're in the Greater Boston Area, be sure to tune your radio to WBZ Boston tonight -- Station Director Joshua Ramirez will be joined by Marshall Stoneham and Justice Wright,  on the air with Jordan Rich for the first hour of his late night program, "The Jordan Rich Show"! Among other discussions, we will be taking all about the history and exciting times of our very own station, Wentworth Internet Radio & Entertainment!

Our sincere thanks to Steve and Mindy Fusi, as well as Jordan Rich and WBZ Boston, for making this broadcast possible, and offering to interview us!

Become WIRE's Promotion & Social Media Manager!

WIRE is looking for a student to fill our Promotions & Social Media position! Our Executive positions do not frequently become available, so this is a great opportunity to get more involved with the studio, and leave your mark. A description of the position is below, as described by our Handbook:

Promotion + Social Media Manager

The Promotions Manager is focused on developing and expressing WIRE’s image and presence throughout as wide of a variety of mediums as is possible. His/her responsibilities include, but are not limited to: maintaining posters put up throughout the campus that advertise events, shows, and other WIRE-related things; utilizing budgeted funds to purchase promotional items to give away for the sake of exposure; utilizing WIRE events and initiatives to further promote the organization; using WIRE’s blog, website and social media presence to self-promote; updating WIRE’s social media profiles on a regular basis, and interacting with other individuals and entities through these profiles and services; updating WIRE’s website and blogroll with a constant flow of content; engaging and encouraging all WIRE members to utilize web services for the sake of promotion and self- improvement. and working to clearly and boldly define WIRE’s image through marketing and self-identification. 

If you are interested in the position, please fill out the form located at

WIRE Director position now open! Apply now for our Program Director slot!

WIRE is looking for a student to fill our Program Director position! Our Director positions are open for application on a very infrequent basis (WIRE does not hold elections, and positions are indefinite), so this is a great opportunity to get more involved with the studio, and leave your mark. A description of the position is below, as described by our Handbook. To apply, go to

Program Director

The Program Director’s primary responsibility is to the quality, quantity, continuity and flow of all of WIRE’s media, broadcasted or otherwise distributed. This includes, but is not lim- ited to: Ensuring that all shows and programming abide to all policies and procedures; monitoring and auditing shows and programming, and maintaining high standards of qual- ity; monitoring transitions between shows, ensuring continuity and professionalism; moni- toring produced content for quality, pertinence, and accuracy; and enforcing the policies and procedures of WIRE, using the established disciplinary strike system when needed, in order to keep the station running at its prime.

In addition, the Program Director is expected to monitor and maintain WIRE’s image across all programming, all online presences, all promotional materials, and all events.

Finally, the Program Director is also in charge of WIRE’s Programming Team, a group that aides the Program Director with his/ her duties, and helps to make the programming and con- tent of WIRE professional, well-produced, and diverse. 

All applications are due by 5 PM on February 19.

Join WIRE's Executive team as a Music & Library Manager!

WIRE is looking for a student to fill our Music & Library Manager position! Our Executive positions do not frequently become available, so this is a great opportunity to get more involved with the studio, and leave your mark. A description of the position is below, as described by our Handbook:

Music + Library Manager

The Music + Library Manager is responsible for the purchase of all music to be added to WIRE’s libraries, as well as the management of all music already owned by WIRE. Additionally, the Music + Library Manager is expected to keep all libraries (music and programming) organized and readily accessed by the Executive Board. These responsibilities include, but are not limited to: ensuring that all metadata for all music is accurate; removing duplicate, corrupted or otherwise unusable media files from all libraries; keeping a well-organized archive of previously aired programming; ensuring that primetime and non-primetime programming is divorced, particularly for re-broadcast; and using funds allocated in the budget for music purchases to expand WIRE’s music libraries. 

If you are interested in the position, please fill out the form located at All applications are due by February 5 at 5 PM.

A Brief History of WIRE

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As many people know about me, I am the Station Director of Wentworth Internet Radio & Entertainment (WIRE), which is an online radio station that is run entirely by students. And, as many people know about the station I work for, WIRE has seen a great revitalization in the past few years, as a renewed and engaged group of students set about to make the organization a real centerpiece of Wentworth Institute of Technology.

Yet, though our online-only presence and renewed operations would suggest otherwise, WIRE has a fair amount of history that belies its modern look and feel. I would like to share a succinct version of that history with you all today.

See, way back before any of us were students at Wentworth, WIRE was, in fact, an entirely different radio station. As recently as the early ninties, we were broadcasting from the basement of one of the campus buildings, with our transmissions being fed through the sole tower in the vicinity. Old-fashioned speakers also littered the campus, playing back what we were sending out to the greater Boston area. In a sense, we were much closer to the image and means of most college radio stations.

Of course, things changed, and, after a snafu regarding spectrum use and the FCC, we lost our over-the-airwaves privilages, which nearly ended Wentworth's foray into radio. For a period of time, up until the early 2000s, Wentworth had no active radio station, and only a (then dying) school newspaper acting as the cultural and social hub for the entire institute.

Luckily enough, however, enough students were concerned about this lack of cultural support that they worked with faculty to create a new radio station, that would be an internet-only creation. This was in the first years of the new millennium, which is widely regarded as the point in time where Internet radio and podcasting at large really began to take off and become a significant force in the broadcasting space. WIRE, then the "Wentworth Internet Radio Experiment", was just one of many stations that were looking to use the medium of the internet to extend their reach, and establish themselves.

Still, few foresaw how extensive the internet revolution would prove to be in its permeation of almost every facet of everyday life, with radio being no exception. And, riding this wave of new media, WIRE found itself in a tumultuous and exciting decade, filled with the peaks of new shows and listeners, and the valleys of weak student engagement and limited funding.

In fact, by 2010, even with all of the shows and events that WIRE had performed, the organization had found itself in a functional and financial rut, with very little student engagement and a lack of the infrastructure needed to maintain operations... 

...Which leaves us with WIRE today, a full three years after new members and new ideas worked to bring the station back to relevancy and into the ranks of our fellow stations throughout Boston, and across the globe. For indeed, though we have a long and storied history dating back decades, it is the history and legacy we are building today that we hope will be best remembered by the following generations of broadcasters at Wentworth.

WIRE Show Slot Selection to take place January 15!

Show Slot Selection -- the tradition where WIRE assigns time slots to DJ's for the semester -- has been set to occur this upcoming Wednesday!

For all of those interested in running a show, it is required that you fill out a Show Declaration form before Wednesday, so as to qualify to pick out a time slot. The form itself only takes a few minutes, and pulls in basic information regarding a show, such as its name and description. This allows for WIRE to plan ahead and begin to prepare our website, Mixcloud page, and other studio elements, for the beginning of our new semester.

Any questions regarding this process can be sent to

WIRE is looking for a Web & Development Manager! Apply now!


The description of this position, as defined in the WIRE Handbook, is below. 

Web & Development Manager:

The Web & Development Manager is tasked with keeping WIRE’s online presence updated, functional, and efficient, across all services. Responsibilities for this position include, but are not limited to: managing all web services that WIRE utilizes, ensuring completeness, accuracy, efficiency, effectiveness, and utilization across all users; investigating, discovering and implementing new web and online services that can serve to improve WIRE’s operations, or provide additional exposure; maintaining all servers (for streaming, web content, or otherwise) and networked devices, and ensuring their reliability; and developing and implementing any changes and fixes that are necessary for WIRE to continue normal operations.

This position is open to applications effective immediately. If interested, please fill out the application form and ensure availability during next week's General Body meeting.

Any and all questions regarding the positions themselves can be sent to