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DJ OF THE Week: Abby and Matt of WikiLeeks

DJ OF THE Week: Abby and Matt of WikiLeeks

Every semester we're presented with some of the most bizarre and interesting shows in WIRE history. This fall, WikiLeeks is no exception. Run by Abby and Matt, these two rascals take the world by storm with their decoding and exploration of the web's biggest encyclopedia; Wikipedia. Are they on a life long mission to prove that Wikipedia is a credible source? Let's find out!

Peter Speaks The Truth!

Peter Speaks The Truth!

Happy Monday, everyone! It's the second day of Spring, but you wouldn't ever think so with all this snow. Let's celebrate the soon-to-be wonderful weather with this week's DJ of the Week! Today we joined Peter Gray to hear more about his talk show, Peter Speaks.

Q: What got you to join WIRE, Peter?

A: I joined WIRE because I wanted to find a way to use my voice talent and have people listen to it over the radio.

Q: Why should new listeners check out your show?

A: I think people should listen to my show to hear some different thoughts on some things that go on in today's world. Nothing too controversial!

Q: Tell us about a great thing that happened during one of your shows.

A: In my episode titled "Cheeseburgers", I made the episode surprisingly funny. Normally, I don't aim for humor, so that's a big deal. (And people loved it!)

Q: What's your secret to a successful show?

A: I do not have much of a secret. But what I mostly do is take a look at things that happened during the week and think of the best way to let people know of my experience. I'm starting a new method where I write my script as a chapter of a book and read it in the designated voice.

Hear more about everything pop culture, from Kim Possible to Chimichangas with Peter Speaks - every Saturday at 10:00 AM! Check out a sneak peek HERE!

#MusicBash is an International Hit!

#MusicBash is an International Hit!

Hey everyone! WIRE is back with another exciting DJ of the Week. This week's DJ is Bachar Al Hady with his hit shown - ‪#‎MusicBash‬. What's his secret to gaining listeners? Read below and find out!

Q: What can we expect to hear on your show?
A: First of all, for those who do not know me, I am from Lebanon. The former means that I speak Arabic. I also happen to be French educated, meaning I speak French. And, obviously, I also speak English. Why am I telling you all of this? It’s cause if you tune in to “#MusicBash”, you’ll be exposed to Arabic, French and English songs. Artists and music from all three different cultures!

Q: What are some of your favorite bands/artists you’ll be playing?
A: I like Drake a lot. I actually started listening to his music back in 2013. I got hooked ever since he put out the track “Started From The Bottom”. I also am a big fan of Marwan Khoury and Stromae. Marwan is a successful Lebanese singer that is really famous in the Arab region. Stromae is a world reknown artist that sings in French. So expect to hear a lot of songs from these artists on my show.

Q: What got you to join WIRE?
A: There’s a cool story behind it. I actually was sitting at the library with William Reney. He used to be part of WIRE and also part of the E-board. That was before he got the position for Music Library Manager. So, Will was planning on attending the E-board meeting that day and invited me to come along. I hesitated at first and said the following: “Why should I attend? I’m not even part of WIRE”. He said: “Just tell them you’re applying for a position, like the Social Media one”. And that’s what happened. Next thing you know, I have my own show and I’m the Social Media and Promotions Executive.

Q: Why should we listen to your show?
A: My show is a blast. It’s crazy and hectic as hell. No script, nothing. Just me rambling about random stuff. I swear a lot, which is kind of funny and sad at the same time. I do lots of shout-outs for my listeners and I always tend to build great relationships with them. Also, Will is always on the show with me and he adds on a lot of humor. We have great chemistry on-and-off air. He’s a funny bloke, him.

Q: Your show was a big success. What do you think was the reason behind that?
A: I do a lot of promoting for my show, whether it’s Facebook or Instagram. I use my personal page because it is where I have all my friends. I have had huge support from back home, which has helped a lot. However, I think the most effective technique is taking on requests and doing shout outs on-air.

Q: Tell us about a funny thing that happened during one of your shows.
A: On the 2nd episode of “#MusicBash”, we were encountering a lot of technical difficulties. I would introduce a French song, for example, and some Arabic would end up playing. The whole system was on shuffle. It was a disaster. Luckily, we kept our cool and decided to talk about the song after it ends playing. Still it was totally unexpected!

Catch #MusicBash Tuesdays at 3pm only on WIRE!

Lay Back and Relax. It's The Good Life

Lay Back and Relax. It's The Good Life

Happy snowday! While you're sipping on a nice cup of hot chocolate, tune into WIRE for some winter tunes! This week's DJ of the Week is Alex Cate with The Good Life. 
Here's what he had to say about his new show:

Q: What can we expect to hear on your show?
A: On my show, The Good Life, listeners can expect to hear a multitude of songs that generally encompass peoples favorite music. Ranging from David Bowie and The Rolling Stones, to Jack White and Cage the Elephant. I see it as good music to get you through the last few hours of your Monday night homework grind.

Q: What are some of your favorite bands/artists that you'll be playing? 
A: All of the artists listed above, along with many others. Mostly alternative rock, but not too afraid to venture into Funk and Blues when appropriate. Earth, Wind, and Fire, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Vulfpeck are several frequently played artists.

Q: What got you to join WIRE?
A: My WOW leader Evan is a DJ on wire currently and told all of my group to sign up for wire. I went to one meeting and found it extremely fun!

Q: Why should we listen to your show?
A: My show is just a great opportunity to listen to some great music that you may not have heard of before. Many new artists are played, but The Good Life also breaches into the old classics of our parents generation that still cover the radio waves today!

Q: Tell us a bout a great thing that happened on one of your shows.
A: I have had my friend Charlie come onto the show multiple times to have some fun. It is always a little ridiculous when he comes on, but it never fails to entertain!

Listen to The Good Life Monday at 8pm only on WIRE!

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