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Three BRAND-NEW Programs This Week!

Three BRAND-NEW Programs This Week!

Despite the semester wrapping up in less than a month, we're happy to see that people are still interested in hosting their own radio shows! WIRE runs in the summer semesters, so Juniors and Seniors that are returning for classes can still have the opportunity to host their shows. We at WIRE are unbelievably proud of the creativity that our DJs put into their unique shows every day.

LiveWIRE Blog is...LIVE!

LiveWIRE Blog is...LIVE!

IT'S ALIVE!!! WIRE is proud to announce the creation of its brand-spankin' new blog. We'll be covering the latest in the world of music, radio, sports and more - Be sure to tune in, turn on and drop out. This is college radio news that doesn't suck.

Strap on Your Helmet with The Mike and AJ Show (With Chris)

Strap on Your Helmet with The Mike and AJ Show (With Chris)

This Week's DJs of the Week are the world-famous hosts of the "The Mike and AJ Show (With Chris)"! Did you know that faculty and staff members could have their own shows at WIRE? If you have a passion for sports and talk, join AJ Andreucci, Mike Williams, and Chris Scanlon every Wednesday at 12 Noon to hear the latest in the wide wide world of sports.

Q: What can we expect to hear on your show?
A: We are a sports talk radio show featuring two of New England's brightest sports minds and a dash of Philadelphia on the side. Our forte of late has been the NFL as we started a few weeks into the beginning of the 2015 season.

Q: What are some of your favorite sports/teams?
A: We enjoy talking about the Patriots and Sox the most. We do stay current with updates in sports to diversify the show.

Q: What got you guys to start your show on WIRE? 
A: Mike aka The Sports Guy convinced AJ to do a show because, frankly, the people need to hear their hit takes. Chris joined in as a featured guest and was promoted to long term third seat chiming in as needed or begging for more hockey talk. All three of us enjoy WIRE and wanted to be involved especially since two of us work is the Campus Center.

Q: Why should we listen to your show?
A: We have the hottest takes on all of New England's Internet-based college radio. Mike and Chris try pretty had to rattle AJ and see if they can get hears gears going. Every now and then Mike comes in hot with a passionate soap box speech on a topic, and Chris has recently figured out how to get the phone to work. We really enjoy sports and we approach the show like three people you'd want to hang out and watch a game with. We enjoy having people call in as well.

Q: Tell us about a great thing that happened during one of your shows. 
A: The first day we had a caller was fun. We just set up the phone and were interacting on Twitter with fans of the program and one called in. We handled it like true professionals.

A: You have a lot to say on your show. Do you rehearse and plan for it ahead of time?
Q: Our secret is we actually do plan our show. The weeks we think and do research it shows. We also try to remind friends about the slot and to listen during lunch.

Catch The Mike and AJ Show (With Chris) Wednesdays at Noon!

Fazed Out - Making Punk Cool Again

Fazed Out - Making Punk Cool Again

Hope you have all been enjoying your time off for President's Day! We sat down with one of WIRE's newest show hosts, Hailey Mulvey, to hear what her new show "Fazed Out" is all about!

Q: What can we expect to hear on your show?
H: I usually play a general mixture of post-punk and alternative punk music.

Q: What are some of your favorite bands/artists you’ll be playing?
H: Some of my favorite bands/artists that I play are Turnover, Basement, and Title Fight. They all have their own unique style and it adds good variety to the music that I play!

Q: What got you to join WIRE?
H: I had wanted to join WIRE since my first semester but I felt like I didn’t have enough time in my schedule, what really interested me though was the fact that the station was basically run by students. It was super cool to me to think that this station was completely by students, and for students.

Q: Why should we listen to your show?
H: I think that if you’re interested in hearing the underground side of music that you don’t usually hear on the radio, you should listen to my show. I always play a good variety, and try to shine a light on the local scene too. Recently, I’ve been showcasing one local band a week and I hope to start getting people in for interviews soon!

Q: Tell us about a great thing that happened during one of your shows.
H: One great thing that has happened during one of my shows was that, I was on air and I had said something along the lines of “if you have a local band and want to be featured on my show contact me,” and almost immediately after I said that I was getting messages from people I didn’t even know that are in the local scene wanting to be featured. I just thought that was super cool because it was kind of the first time that I realized that people actually do listen to my show and enjoy what they’re hearing!

Q: You’ve had a successful show so far. What’s your secret?
H: I think the secret to having a successful show is asking everyone to listen. Every week I’ll remind my friends what time my show is at and I’ll put up the link on my Facebook and twitter account to try and draw in more listeners, and soon enough I had people I didn’t even know telling me they love my show and what I play on it. And, I know my show is still relatively new, but I think the biggest secret to being successful is staying true to your personal brand, and paying attention to criticism. I know the music I play may not be necessarily liked by enormous amounts of people, but to the people that do like it, it must feel really cool to hear songs they like being played on a big station like WIRE. I try to pay close attention to criticism too, like I’ll ask my friends what they thought of my show and if they say, something like “oh it was great! But… you talked a little too fast, or your music had too big of a gap in between each song, etc.” I’ll try to focus the most on the criticism they gave me during my next show.

Catch Fazed Out every Tuesday at 12:00 Noon!

Electric WIT - Your Weekly Fix of EDM

Electric WIT - Your Weekly Fix of EDM

We are proud to announce that this week's (and WIRE's first) DJ of the Week is DJ Zeviso from Electric WIT!
We sat down and asked him a few questions about what Electric WIT is all about.


Q: What can we expect to hear on Electric WIT?

A: I play electronic music of all sorts. Usually I try to keep it to a certain genre for that weeks show such as Deep House, Future Bass, or Progressive. I do my best to keep track of the songs played from previous weeks so that I always have new songs on air each week.

Q: What are some of your favorite bands you’ll be playing?

A: It all depends on that weeks show genera of EDM. With Deep House, I tend to check out Thomas Jack and his Soundcloud to search out some new music. With Trap or Dubstep, I usually grab some music from Getter or anyone in the "Twonk Team". In the past I've played Zomboy, Brillz, Ghastly, UFO! and Lookas.

Q: What got you into electronic/EDM music? Do you produce any, yourself?

A: I used to be a heavy metal head, scremo, death core, you name it. I had never heard of EDM until between 9th and 10th grade in High School. Hearing Kaskade and Hardwell for the first time, I felt uplifted and it gave me positive vibes, other than just liking the music for what it was, as Rock and Metal gave me. A group of my friends from High schoolll also loved it and we started to go to shows and festivals together. I think that my love for very heavy Dubstep though, like Getter - Rip n' Dip is a reminiscence of my past favorite music history.
I don't produce any new songs of my own, however, I do make mixes with the name Zeviso when I get some free time, nothing professional, just a hobby!

Q: Why should we listen to Electric WIT?

A: Electric WIT can give you a full hour of new music that you may have not heard before, and will open you up to new and interesting genres of EDM.

Id like to start to, once a month, play only new songs that have just recently been released so stay dialed in on Mondays to hear more about that.

Catch Zeviso and Electric WIT Mondays at 7pm only on WIRE.
That's tonight at 7 on WIRE.
Check out a sneak peek here.

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