This week's DJ of the Week is Freshman DJ, Harry Gordenstein! We sat down with him in the studio to hear more about his new show, and what he plans to do with his show in the future.

WIRE: What is the name of your show?

HARRY: The name of my show is "Eat Local," I play local music from different states every week.

W: How long have you been a WIRE DJ?

H: I have been a WIRE DJ for about a month now! 

W: What artists / genres do you enjoy playing on your show?

H: I enjoy playing mostly indie rock on my show, as well as local music.

W: What makes your show unique?

H: I think my show is unique because it is limited to a different city / country every week! 

W: What do you hope to do with your show in the future?

H: Hopefully i'll be able to bring in artists, and talk about their music on air more!

Listen to Harry's Show, "Eat Local," every Tuesday at 9pm!

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