Hey everybody! It’s time to bring back that DJ of the Week special! With Tune-In Tuesdays coming back this summer and having had our kick-off event last week, June 11th will be our first weekly Tune-In Tuesdays. The event happens every Tuesday, given the school is open, and starts at 2pm and ends at 4pm. For our first normal Tune-In Tuesdays, WIRE’s DJ of the Week is yours truly, WIRE’s Event Manager Rowan Davis, aka DJ Artemis of The Huntress’s Den!

How did you hear about WIRE and how did you get involved?

Shortly after being accepted to Wentworth and deciding on coming here, I was looking through LeopardWeb. I saw a small banner mentioning WIRE and saw it was student ran. I got involved by going to the Involvement Fair during the fall semester of my freshman year.

How long have you been a member of WIRE and how many shows have you done?

I’ve been a member of WIRE since the fall of 2015. I’ve done a total of three shows as of summer 2019.

What were your shows about and are you running any of them right now?

My very first show was Gaming Jams. It was just an hour of video game music. That show only last my first semester. The Huntress’s Den was my second show and is my longest running one. I’ve been running that one since spring semester of freshman year. This season will be the 10th and my last season of The Huntress’s Den. This show is a variety show with a theme each week. In fact, on the same day of June 11th’s Tune-In Tuesday, my show will be having a covers theme. Lastly, my newest show is a Dungeons and Dragons podcast called Spots & Claws. I am the Dungeon Master while my friends are players that play through the one-shots I create for them.

When can we listen to your shows?

You can listen to The Huntress’s Den every Tuesday from 5pm-7pm. Spots & Claws is every other Sunday from 4pm-8pm. The next episode of Spots & Claws will be June 23rd.

Any tips for aspiring DJs?

Mostly, just be yourself and do what you want to do. Also, make sure to promote your show on any social media platform you have so that potential listeners can get the updates and listen in. Additionally, if you ask your listeners to send in requests that will let them feel more involved and inclined to listen to you more.

Alright, time for that shameless social media plug-in. Where can we find you DJ Artemis?

You can find me on Facebook at The Huntress’s Den and on Instagram @huntress_den. If you got any requests for themes, be sure to send them my way!

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