Originally joining WIRE, under no circumstances did I want to become a member of the executive board. I wanted no responsibilities, no jobs, nothing to maintenance, nothing to stress over. Just looking for something to fill my Wednesday nights.


Months later, here I am. The new technical director for Wentworth Internet Radio and Entertainment. Unexpectedly, I’m now handling all sorts of fun challenges. My role varies from music database management and helping new DJ’s learn our equipment, to responding to the completely inevitable cry of distress, “Hey the the computer won’t start”. Looking back, I'm stoked to have joined such an amazing team of students. In the few short months I’ve been with WIRE, we’ve had a plethora of tech issues. Each with a new challenge and almost always needing a new and creative solution to keep us afloat. From a hard drive failure on the main computer, to the power going out mid-day, it’s a necessary fast-paced troubleshooting adventure.

I’m launching a new show on Wednesdays, which I’m thrilled to start. The show’s called ‘Unscheduled Maintenance’ and it’s going to be an open studio time— it’ll range from activities such as training new DJ’s, messing around with equipment, or even actual scheduled maintenance. So, look out for that.

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