It turns out that finding and sticking to faculty for guest mixes could be a bit challenging. Not to worry though, as we switched it up this week by contacting one of WIRE's most beloved alumni. We are of course, talking about Dave Kreider. Dave graciously put together an essential tunes playlist. Here are his finest selections, along with a few things he had to say about them:

Red House Painters - Katy Song

"Katy song might be my favorite song of all time, because it's both extremely tragic given the lyrics about the death of lead singer Mark Kozelek's then-girlfriend, but it also bears a semblance of cheerfulness in its instrumentation.. maybe alluding to his carefree perception towards death. I'm infatuated with every line of this song, which I've always felt is the narrator's feelings of embracing emotional despair in the face of chaos."

Grouper - Vapor Trails

"There are a lot of songs on here that remind me of my girlfriend, Martha. Maybe Grouper's Vapor Trails most of all. It's a deeply emotional song that always brings to mind solemn notions of change. It's one of those songs that always find its way onto your shuffled playlist when you're traveling somewhere. Then when you listen to them again it doesn't just remind you of where you were at that time, it just reminds you that you were embracing some kind of transition in your life. Martha lives many miles away from me, so sometimes it's difficult to embrace those transitions, and this song seems to reflect that the most. With that said, I couldn't be happier to have her in my life. And I think if she were to draft her own playlist, we'd have a lot of similarities."

Dave's Faves

"Let me say that each one of these songs were exceptionally pertinent to some significant event in my life. There aren't just tracks that I've been enjoying recently, but they're ones that I could write novels about given their values. Listening to them puts me back in some time or place deeply associated with their context."
- D.K.

Be sure to check out Dave's playlist, with music ranging from the eerie sounds of Aphex Twin, to the psychedelic phenomenon known as Animal Collective. The playlist could either be found embedded to the left, or can be accessed through clicking here. Thank you for tuning into this week's guest mix, and keep an eye out on the blog for many more to come! 

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