That's right, DJ of the week time again. With everyone back at home or on campus enjoying their spring break, we thought, why not highlight a WIRE classic? This week we'll be featuring Rowan from The Huntresses Den, one of the most long lasting and multi-thematic shows throughout WIRE history. Let's check out the background and any advice that could be given by this successful DJ. 

Congratulations on DJ of the week! What’s your name and what kind of show do you do?

My name is Rowan Davis and I go by DJ Artemis on my show. My show is a variety music show.

What was the inspiration behind doing these weekly themes?

The inspiration was to do something different for a variety show and to give myself some sort of structure for choosing music.

What has been your favorite theme to do thus far?

My favorite theme is definitely Disney. A close second would be a throwback to my fist show - Gaming Jams.

Any outside requests that came as particularly surprising or interesting?

One song was Perfect by P!nk that was requested by my mom for my inspirational theme. There’s a lot of meaning behind the song for me so I was very happy and surprised that someone requested a song that means a lot to me.

P!nk performing an acoustic version of "Perfect" on KIIS-FM

You’ve had one of the longer lasting shows in WIRE history, how do you recommend other DJs keep things fresh on their show?

I guess I would recommend that  you find something that you readily enjoy that you know has a lot of diversity. Also, don’t be afraid to expand your horizons and do some research. You never know what you will find that you’ll end up liking.

Speaking of keeping things fresh, you’re also one of WIRE’s events managers! What events did you enjoy running this past year?

I found the drag show to be a really fun time. Also, the livestream charity event was fun, despite it being a tad stressful.


Lastly Rowan, what makes a good den?

Definitely having all the best blankets and snuggly items around, along with the best snacks and the best type of music.

Where can we find you? 

You can listen to me from 5-7PM on Fridays throughout the semester. You can also find me on either of these pages and send requests here or on Instagram at @huntress_den.

Make sure to tune into Rowan's show for their weekly thematic jam that's guaranteed to have you feline fine. Huntresses Den is also one of the few shows that actively checks song requests, so feel free to submit a track that you'd love to hear on air. Thank you for tuning into this week's DJ of the week segment, and we'll catch you for an especially aspiring spotlight soon. 

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