The new year has brought in a stream of delicious tone-setting projects, one of which comes from Washington-based producer, Gus Isaacson, better known as Goosetaf. Along with having a few larger-scale releases under his wing, this flightless bird has been consistently dropping beats that swing with his own distinct flavor. Following up from his phenomenal debut album, 'Elastic Jungle', we're now presented with the 'Oasis' EP-- a wavy four track collection that showcases some of his most eclectic work to date.

'Oasis' fits into Gus's discography like an elegant dessert in fine dining. Tracks like "Alchemist" and "Stained Glass" resonate with their pensive melodies, as Goosetaf's unmistakable bass adds a finishing touch in texture. The last track on this EP, "Spruce", gives a pinch of thematic diversity to wrap the listening experience up. The incorporation of a solemn ukulele further shows Isaacson's flexibility in production-- which many artists in the realm of lofi hip-hop often fail to exhibit.

With 'Oasis' showcasing a new color palette from our feathered friend, the future is looking bright for him. Although the zodiac indicates it being the year of the dog,  2018 is undoubtedly set to forecast the rising of the goose.


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