A new semester has started at Wentworth, meaning our live DJs are back and ready for action! We'll be continuing to have a weekly showcase of the hottest and most unique shows, here on the LiveWire blog. Starting off this year's DJ Of The Week madness, we have Jacob Chrissy. Jacob, who often has a co-host, will be talking to us about his bone-crunching heavy-sounding music show, Sounds of Madness. 

Congratulations on DJ of the week! Now Jacob, what kind of show do you run?

I run a show with my roommate from freshman year that is all about rock and metal. We play songs that we have been listening to lately and then talk about any news within the rock and metal industry.

Where did your show name, “Sounds of Madness”, come from?

The name came from an album by the band Shinedown. We were trying to think of a good name for a show having to do with rock, we are both fans of Shinedown and thought that the name stuck with what we wanted for our theme.

Who are some of your favorite rock and metal bands?

My favorites would have to be Metallica, Tool, Dream Theater, Meshuggah, Slipknot, and Alter Bridge.

What albums are essential to the development of your music taste today?

Master of Puppets by Metallica, Lateralus by Tool, Vulgar Display of Power by Pantera, Octavarium and Metropolis by Dream Theater, Korn by Korn, and Hybrid Theory by Linkin Park.

We heard that you know a thing or two about live shows, which one in particular has blown your mind lately?

Definitely Meshuggah. They were a band that I did not expect to be as good as they are. They’re music is very good but very technical and I had no idea how it would translate to a live environment.

Meshuggah performing their song "Rational Gaze" in Tokyo, Japan

What can we expect from the future of Sounds of Madness?

You can expect a lot. In the coming weeks, me and my co host will be going over things like what we enjoy in a live show, what makes certain bands better than others, and whatever news comes up.


Could you please draw us a rock and a piece of metal? 


Where can we find you?

You can listen to Sounds of Madness on WIRE from 8:30-9:30 every Wednesday night. We also have a Facebook page and we are currently working on an Instagram page.

Make sure to catch Jacob's heavy metal and rock transmissions every Wednesday night from the WIRE stream here. Thank you for tuning into this week's DJ Of The Week spotlight, and make sure to check back for more of our upcoming blogs and segments!

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