With the Boston weather warming up and an increase in liveliness spreading throughout the city, the mood is getting set for this year's Boston Calling. The lineup is looking better than ever, with acts ranging from comedians to musicians. Even though a schedule has yet to be released, It's time to start thinking about which acts at the festival are must sees. If you're lost in the lineup, have no fear. WIRE is here to give you a taste of what we've been scoping out.

Danny Brown

The self-proclaimed "bruiser" from Detroit has grown to be a very influential figure in hip-hop. His debut commercial album XXX called out to the ears of many critics and enthusiasts. With his unconventional voice, use of odd and ironic topics, and a flow that wraps it all in one deranged package, Danny proved that he had something different to bring to the table. His most recent project, Atrocity Exhibition, is a much more experimental and psychedelic listening experience. In short, he managed to succeed in what Kid Cudi failed to do with his career. The beats are loud and psychotic, yet coupled with Danny's voice match perfectly. The closest you'll get to radio-friendly music here is a track called "Really Doe", featuring Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, and Earl Sweatshirt. You could expect an energetic performance containing popular material, and a decent amount off the new album. His hilarious personality, stage presence, and nature of his music make him bound to have one of most hyped crowds at the festival.

Hannibal Buress

You may know him from The Eric Andre Show, or even some of his own stand-up comedy, but there's no denying that Hannibal Buress is one funny dude. With the removal of the film festival, Boston Calling made it up to their fans by replacing it with a comedy festival-- hosted by Hannibal himself. When talking about his appearance at the festival he said, “I'm excited to take a break from my construction business to bring my unbridled energy to the Boston Calling festival. When Boston calls, I send it to voicemail 3 times and then text it at 3am. You up?” You could expect last year's comedy experience to be brought to a much larger scale, with Hannibal calling the shots. In terms of his performance, his material could really be a hit or miss, so be sure to check out some of his content beforehand. 

Mac DeMarco

Picture of Mac DeMarco taken off his  bandcamp . 

Picture of Mac DeMarco taken off his bandcamp

The "lovable prince of indie rock" will be taking the stage on Friday, May 26th and he's someone we've recently had our eyes on. His music is warm and soothing, yet is surprisingly backed up by a lot of meaning. This is especially true in his newest and mostly highly anticipated album This Old Dogwhich was officially released last week. The album was demoed in New York, then completely redone in his Los Angeles apartment-- with the record being mostly done on his own. You will never hear anyone else talk about issues with their father and emotional distress in such a mellow tone. It seems like that's what appeals most to people about Mac DeMarco. He makes no effort to glorify himself and takes a creatively carefree approach to his projects. He will be bringing his band along with him, and maybe we'll be lucky enough to have a bistro table


Every festival team gasped as they read four letters at the top of Boston Calling's lineup, indicating the long awaited return of the legendary rock band, Tool. Little is known as to what goes on behind the curtains for this band, as they have persistently stuck to privacy and isolation from the industry. However one thing is for certain, they've been cooking up something special. Their fifth album has been anticipated for over a decade, with their last project, 10,000 Days, being released back in 2006. Year after year there have been reports of roadblocks in the creative process, but progress has slowly been made. In fact, one of their web developers have stated that the vocalist, Maynard James Keenan, had buckled down in the studio earlier in the year. Although there's no way we could expect to be bombarded with new music, there is surely a possibility of hearing a new track or two. With Boston Calling being their first festival performance of the year, there's no doubt that attendees are in for a show of legendary proportions. 

Run The Jewels

Killer Mike and EL-P are back and ready for action. This duo has rapidly become partners in crime, releasing some of the most thought provoking and politically-driven music within the past decade. Their self-titled debut album, Run The Jewels, makes you feel like you're thrown into a word where everything is like an action movie. The beats are heavy, the messages are powerful, and Mike and EL-P deliver on every single track. While some artists start slacking upon their rise to fame, Run The Jewels have shown no signs of slowing down. Since their first album they've released Run The Jewels 2 & 3, and a remix compilation titled Meow The Jewels. Although the latter was a little gimmicky, RTJ 2 and RTJ 3 only showed improvements from the duo. When you hear the rumbling bass lines and see the floating logo, you'll know that they're close by. Their most recent album had the previously mentioned Danny Brown as a feature, which allows for the possibility of him taking the stage for their song "Hey Kids".


If there's anything we want you to take away from this read, it's that the festival has something for everyone. More so than any other year, the amount of diversity between all of the different acts is truly a breath of fresh air. The team could have recycled acts and booked the same artists as every other event, but they instead opted to march to the beat of their own drum. They picked quality acts that all carry a certain charisma to them, whether it be Tool's mysterious dynamic, or Mac DeMarco's natural charm.

This is what makes us consider this to be one of the best events of the year-- and we're psyched to be a part of it. If you're a Wentworth student and are considering to go on Friday, the 26th, be sure to drop by the info hub for tickets! If you're just a reader that's intrigued and wants to learn more, you could click here for more information on the event. 

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