From March 3rd to March 5th, WIRE's e-board had gone to IBS (not Irritable Bowel Syndrome). IBS, which stands for Intercollegiate Broadcasting Systems, is a conference that we here at WIRE participate in. We go to this conferences to expand our radio knowledge so that we can further improve our radio station. But of course, the biggest event at the IBS conference is the award ceremony. This ceremony acknowledges the work of all the radio stations that participate in IBS and awards are given to the champions and finalists in each of the categories that IBS creates to have the radios submit submissions to. There are mostly college radios that go but this year, there were high school radios present. It was a lot of fun to go and it was wonderful to win the awards we won, even if they were only finalist awards as those are nothing to snub one's nose at. Now, onto what everyone is waiting for, the awards we brought home!

Finalist Awards:

  • Best Station ID
  • Best Press Release
  • Best Blog (Hey that's this! :D)
  • Best Use of Social Media - Other
  • Best On-Air Schedule
  • Best Music Playlist
  • Best Program Director

Champion Awards:

  • Best Live Broadcast Promotional Event
  • Best Staff Training Method
  • Best Staff Newsletter
  • Best Faculty Adviser (You the man Laz!)
  • Best Streaming Radio Station < 10,000 Students!

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