This week's DJs of the Week are the trio that make up It's Wednesday My Dudes: Connor, Sophia and Misha! Connor and Sophia have been a part of WIRE since fall of 2016 whereas Misha has just joined this semester. Join in every Wednesday at 5 for a mix of music and table talk.

The hosts chatted with us on why they were interested in hosting a show at WIRE. For Connor, he was simply wanted some new hobbies and seeing WIRE's peculiar red booth, he knew he wanted to try out the studio. Sophia loves music and she and friend had hosted a show the first semester. Having enjoyed her first semester at WIRE, Sophia had decided to continue and do a show with her pals Connor and Misha. Misha had wanted to join last semester and upon hearing Sophia and Connor doing a table talk show, he was interested. 

The crew on It's Wednesday My Dudes are satisfied in knowing that people are listening in and  that they all did a good job for the week. They were excited to share some of their favorite moments in their program. Misha's favorite moment was when Chris Scanlon, WIRE's previous faculty adviser, came into the studio on their first show to grab his keys and ended up staying to chat for a bit. Connor's favorite moment was when they made a recording mistake and had to remind everyone that they weren't being broadcasted. Sophia's favorite moment was when our Studio Director, Dave, ghosted into the computer and gave them explicit instructions on how to lucid dream.

The trio has much more to bring to our community. Connor is excited to bring his terrible jokes to the airwaves. Misha is anticipating an episode on conspiracy theories and Sophia will bring us a few bad puns. Stay punny this Wednesday with IWMD!

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