Last week's DJs of the Week were George Peshkov, Dakota Gorkun, and Austin Chester of Future Vibes Record Shop! George has been a WIRE DJ since his Freshman year, originally hosting Future Groove. George and Dakota (Vibes Radio) merged shows, and the addition of Chester created what is now Future Vibes Record Shop. 

Both George and Dakota had been interested in working on college radio, searching for an outlet of their appreciation of music. For Chester, it's a good excuse to hang out with his friends. Dakota loves being able to step away from his work to be able to share music with others. George enjoys just being able to walk into the studio, while Chester is always trying to find ways to get kicked off the air. When listening in, you can expect to hear a variety of underground hip-hop and rap. Chester's favorites include Hellfyre and Rhymesayers, and Dakota recommends A Tribe Called Quest, MF DOOM, along with Knxwledge and Dilla. For George, "no show is complete without a little bit of Mr. Carmack." As to what to expect from the boys themselves, George recalls a time when "we had Chester repeat the lyrics to a hip-hop track, but replaced all the swears with a pre-arranged list of substituted words" As for the future, you can look forward to "Vibes. A beautiful mess. So tune in." - George, Chester and Dakota

-John Sanders 


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