It was only a matter of time before the sounds of jazz crept their way into the DJ of the week showcase. This DJ has been broadcasting and hand-selecting some of the grooviest tunes in the genre for the past two years. Whether you get the funk down to bebop, contemporary, Latin, swing, or whatever else you need to start your morning, this early bird has got just the right prescription. So without further ado, meet the expert himself, Andrew Sacco.

Congratulations! Who are you and what kind of show do you run?

I am Andrew Sacco, sophomore in computer science. I used to play trumpet in my high school’s jazz band, where my love of jazz cemented itself. I run a show dedicated to the best of jazz music. I play various styles of jazz, from swing to Latin, funk, jazz ballads, cuban, be-bop, and many more. I feature music from the creation of jazz, in the 1910’s, to current day contemporary jazz. The show is a combination of only instrumental and vocal songs.  

How did you develop a love for this genre?

I developed a love for this genre through being introduced to playing instruments at a young age, and later singing as well. I started playing trumpet when I was in fifth grade and continued into middle school where I joined out school's jazz band and that is where my love for the genre of jazz began to develop. I played and listened to jazz all through middle school and began singing in our chorus where I grew further as a musician, and my growth as a musician continued into high school. I was able to further my abilities of playing trumpet over the years and was able to expand the number of jazz artists and songs I was able to listen to and take inspiration from.  

Maynard Ferguson Take The 'A' Train 1969

Who are some of your favorite jazz artists?

Being a trumpet player myself, I love many of the great trumpet players, such as Maynard Ferguson, Arturo Sandoval, Freddie Hubbard, Wynton Marsalis, Louis Armstrong and the numerous other all time greats.  But I also like Michel Camilo, Benny Goodman, Frank Sinatra, Stan Kenton, Buddy Rich, Michael Buble (he has recently transitioned away from primarily jazz music) and Art Blakey.  

What made you decide to host this show in the morning?

I decided to host this show in the morning because jazz music is great way to wake up and get ready for the day. Jazz music sets you off on the right foot for the day, you don’t stop listening to jazz and are pissed off (unless you have to stop in the middle of a great song), you are relaxed and ready to listen to more!

What would you be doing if someone else ran Swingin’ In The Morning and you were tuned in?

Students from Wentworth working on 3D printed hexacopters

I would probably be doing my coursework, I would be programming while tuned in. I would also be doing my programming for the Wentworth Robotics Club because we are currently developing a hexacopter.  

How do you like your eggs?

Over easy with a small pinch of salt, pepper and smoked paprika.

Where can we find you?

Every Tuesday morning at 9 on WIRE, bringing you the best that jazz has to offer.

You heard the man, tune into Swingin' In The Morning, every Tuesday at nine over at WIRE's live page here. A sample of one of Andrew's shows can be found here, with many more episodes bound to hit our recently made Soundcloud page. Thank you for locking into this week's DJ of the week showcase, and we'll be bringing you another one soon!  

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