Electronic pop has rapidly grown in reception and commercialism, and brought with that, an increase in blandness. To me, this genre has started to feel over-saturated, and it's become a rarity to find exciting music. The dancing beats are always fun and colorful, yet the melodies and basslines suffer in that they feel like they're stripped of all lively essence. Thankfully, some of the newcomers on the scene have started to change my perspective, especially a cat named Petit Biscuit. Mehdi Benjelloun, also known as Petit Biscuit, has always been a joy to follow and audibly explore. Although, his music is EDM in a general sense, Mehdi's sound is something that only he has mastered painting with. Delving into his new album, 'Presence', I felt an indescribable curiosity. However, coming out of the album, I gained a newfound appreciation for him and his boundary-expanding approach to a genre that's changed my life.

Sunset Lover/Part 2: North America (Official Video) featuring Petit Biscuit's "Sunset Lover"

Petit Biscuit submerges listeners into this new album with "Creation Comes Alive", which almost sounds like it belongs in the opening sequence of movie. A slow, escalating buildup leads to a grainy drop that although at first enjoyable, starts to feel a little worn-out after a few listens. Nevertheless, the vocals at the end on the track, which were done by Sonia, offered a great transition into "Problems". This freshly released single is collaborated with a previously talked about artist on the blog-- Lido! The melody and hook are disgustingly cheesy, but the song is still a fun listen; a combination that I haven't found within electronic music for years. This is one of the most upbeat songs on the project, and could very well hold it owns on the radio waves. Following this song, the listener truly starts to feel the magic behind 'Presence'. "Follow Me" felt like an emotionally hyper-driven story through Petit Biscuit's mind. It's like a beautiful clashing of Porter Robinson's 'Worlds' and ODESZA's 'Summers Gone'; creating a unique, but somewhat familiar atmosphere. Tracks like "Break Up" and "Presence" pack a heavier bass, and tastefully layer in deep house with the rest of the album. If you've been following Petit Biscuit for a while, you'd be stoked to see his break-out single "Sunset Lover" as a part of the LP.

The song was released over two years ago, with Petit Biscuit describing it as his representation of the perfect sunset. Footage of some of his live performances and touring experience in the U.S., paired with this extravagant song, can be found above. The features on this album never feel like they're taking away from Petit's vision, they're also small enough to where I'm happy I discovered them through the album. Producer Møme and vocalist Isaac Delusion, collaborated with Petit to bring a stunning soundtrack to your sunny day-- "Gravitation". I ended up listening to both of these artists on their own, and especially enjoyed some of Møme's solo work. His 'Panorama' album showcases a wide sound that perfectly fits the cosmic gradient of 'Presence'. The heart of this album lays in one of the closing tracks, titled "Forever Being". All of the different sounds and variations of Petit's music come together for one last ballad. The whimsical dialogue gave me nostalgia of the first time I listened to Odeszas "Intro", which is followed by some of the best few minutes of music I've heard throughout 2017. I'll let you be the judge of that by leaving the track to the side.

Miss the past few links that could lead you to the album? Click here and get with the program. Like the album as much as we do? Be sure to support Petit Biscuit on his upcoming winter tour, where he'll be making stops in Seattle, Chicago, and even here in Boston! Unlike many electronic musicians, Petit Biscuit uses an array of instruments during his live performance. He'll be coming by the Royale in Boston on December 11th, so make sure to cop your tickets soon!

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