With every semester that goes by, a fresh batch of eager DJs step up to run the WIRE controls. These DJs, along with seasoned vets, have returned with unique shows that we can't wait to promote. Every week we'll be bringing you the hottest podcasts, specialty music shows, and anything else conceivable; like bears. We'll be selecting shows to be featured on the blog, complimented with a behind the scenes interview of whoever's involved. For our semester's first DJ of the week, we'll be shining a spotlight on everyone's eight-armed game developing bud, Squidly; who runs the show Radio Free Games. 


Congratulations on DJ of the week! How did you get into WIRE?

I was actually training to do radio at RIT before I came here but never got around finishing it before I transferred over. When I came here I was thinking about joining WIRE but didn’t think a show like mine could work out, how little did I know.

You were gone for a little bit, what made you decide to come back?

I was really, really, busy during the Summer Semester, which is pretty lame because I really wanted to do a show but I had almost no time at all.

What can we expect from this new season of “Radio Free Games”?

More talking about games and things. I want to do more interaction and get on some non-game music going. TBH if I had two hours I’d dedicate the second entirely to music.

Do you have any plans to bring out guests on your show? We loved the GamesByMo episode.

Yes definitely. I think interviews are really what make this show work, we can listen on and on about what I got to say, but I’m just one guy. It’s  best is to hear from other people and see what their experiences are all about.

Speaking of games, any you’ve been feeling lately or want to give a shout out to?

Cuphead looks absolutely amazing and it’s on my list of games I gotta check out. I’ve also been wanting to play Wonderboy: The Dragon’s Trap. Other than that, Super Mario Odyssey looks like it’s going to convince me to buy a Switch.

Renaine Poster Design by  Ayaka

Renaine Poster Design by Ayaka

We understand you’re working on your own project, huh Squidster?

Ye, I’m working on a game called Renaine, which is on Kickstarter right now and you should 100% check out.

Where can we find you and keep up with the latest happenings?

My twitter is @Squuuidly :D

Renaine Bubbledash Beach Art by Ayaka

Renaine Bubbledash Beach Art by Ayaka

Make sure to tune into Radio Free Games, every Monday from 5-6PM here on WIRE. Squidly's Kickstarter for his game, Renaine, could also be found by clicking here. We appreciate you, our readers, for locking into this week's DJ of the week post! Be sure to drop by again on Wednesday to see which show is next on our highlight reel. 

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