Allem Iversom's "Your Eyes" with visuals by Peel

Allem Iversom, a Soundcloud account that has recently sprung to some level of recognition, shows the inner workings of one of Pastry Beats' favorites, Harris Cole. In a way, it's a shame that this project may not have reached me without Harris' promotion, but there is something to be said for what he has made here. This debut project, Without You, shares some incredibly beautiful works made from well-selected sample material. Despite the whole sampling vs non-sampling ordeal, Allem moves past this and contributes to these works with his previously-discovered sound. Tracks like "Your Eyes" offer a dreary piano rolling in the background, as a hollow beat merges with it to turn the world grey. Half way through this project we're hit with "Blue", and this is one of those songs that makes it hard not to bob your head. It offers something a little more upbeat, nonetheless, fits in perfectly like the last piece of a puzzle. The same can be said for "Not My Couch", which is equally as impressive; just a little more busy in its arrangement. My favorite track off this album is by far "Do You", which has these echoing vocals in the back that give it a nostalgic feeling. Gloom and mournful, yet self-reflecting. The next few tracks continue to play with the tone of the album, while maintaining the vibe that Allem Iversom has set out to create. It was at this moment that I realized this felt like much more than an effortlessly put-together beattape. Instead, it started to feel like an album with each song having its own story and careful thought put into flow. To end this project, we're faced with "Bonus Round", Allem's most abstract tune yet. Sounding like an orchestra of video game sounds that ride us out, yet truly feeling like a bit of a bonus rather than a formal conclusion. Being someone who is nitpicky about album structure, I actually felt like this was more of a treat rather than a letdown when finishing up Without You. Overall, well done Allem.

If you're into lofi hip-hop or just like some background music, such as smooth jazz, then this Allem Iversom album would be a great fit for you. This project served as a a great soundtrack to my morning today, and I would love to hear more like it coming out of Harris' new alias. Be sure to show him love by following his Soundcloud here or even purchasing this new project here!    I look forward to seeing wheres Allem Iversom goes from here. 

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