Every semester we're presented with some of the most bizarre and interesting shows in WIRE history. This fall, WikiLeeks is no exception. Run by Abby and Matt, these two rascals take the world by storm with their decoding and exploration of the web's biggest encyclopedia; Wikipedia. Are they on a life long mission to prove that Wikipedia is a credible source? Let's find out!

How did you two meet?

Abby: Matt's my uncle.
Matt: I'm her uncle.

What made you guys want to join WIRE?

Abby: I have always been a huge fan of public talk radio and more recently, podcasts and I was like “hm… I could do this.” I’ve been looking to explore comedy, so this seemed like a perfect way to get started. I also knew a few cool people in radio, it seemed like an awesome club to join.
Matt: I’m just trying to be a loving and supporting uncle. Things have been rough since Sharon left me.

You guys have one of the more unique shows on the station, what exactly do you do on WikiLeeks?

Abby: WikiLeeks is talk show guided by the wonderful world of Wikipedia hopping. We pick a different theme every week, and read some interesting articles we find and creep into the wikiholes. Sometimes we have guests like Neil Degrasse Tyson.

Which ideas are you hoping to implement into the show soon? 

Abby: Currently we’re a half hour long show, but we’re going to start doing an hour soon. It’s hard to fit so much wikipedia in so little time. We want to add some new segments, but I’ll let my uncle tell you about that one.
Matt: I’m really excited about some of our upcoming guests and segments, including meditation for 30 minutes with a jump scare mixed in somewhere. 

How did you manage to get Neil Degrasse Tyson on your show?

Abby: He's my uncle.
Matt: He is my brother, not Abby's dad, but our third brother. He may or may not have been adopted.
Matt's Panda "Drawing"

Matt's Panda "Drawing"

Could you please draw a panda for us?

Abby: >:(
Matt: I drew this...

Where can we find you two?

Abby: I like to hang out in the sewers, but if you want to listen to our episodes check out @WikileeksRadio on twitter. We’re just now getting on twitter and don’t know how it works, so it will be like watching an old person on social media.
Matt: I usually skulk around cambridge eating pigeons. You can also listen live Wednesday nights at 9 pm!




What sorts of bread do you guys like?

Matt: I like all kinds, love a good warm loaf.

Do you have any fears about death?

Abby: Good topic
Matt: I like to think that were all going to die relatively soon anyway, and hopefully that yellowstone supervolcano wipes us all out. I think you need to live life like that's NOT gonna happen and see where that gets us.

Whats your opinion on bees?

Abby: save
Matt: We gotta save em!

If you're looking for a roller coaster of topics and discussions, spanning from bears to public transit, then WikiLeeks is the show for you! You can catch Abby and Matt live, every Wednesday from 9 - 10PM here on WIRE. Their Soundcloud profile, which contains their archived episodes, could be accessed through clicking here. Thank you for locking into this week's DJ of the week post, and we hope to see you again soon!

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