Another week, another opportunity to spotlight one of WIRE's talented DJs. This week we'll be bringing you a veteran that runs a trailblazing hip-hop show, with his eyes set on new horizons in incorporating more EDM. Of course, we're talking about the station's rambunctious poster child, Drew Hogg. In this interview we'll be talking about Drew's new show, his favorite artists, and his thoughts on the state of hip-hop music. Let's dig in and see what his show, Vibin', has been all about lately.  

Congratulations on DJ of The Week! What kind of show do you do?

The name of my show is Vibin’, it’s a mix show of rap, modern hip-hop, house and EDM music. Generally, the way I add things to my playlist is I think to myself, is this something that I would put on in my dorm and vibe out too.

What inspired the move from Smoke Break Mixtape to Vibin’?

The move from Smoke Break Mixtape was a difficult one to make. The thing I felt about Smoke Break mixtape was that it was strictly meant to be rap and underground music that was targeted to a specific audience. With Vibin’ I can promote my show to anyone and have a greater chance of everyone liking it. Also it was my first show name and it was always a long title to promote. Half the time it wouldn’t fit in the things I was doing to promote my show.

How has your taste in music progressed throughout your life?

Initially as a kid and teen years I grew up listening to metallica and country because that is what my parents listened to. Upon getting into high school a lot of my close friends listened to artists like Kanye and Kendrick Lamar, and this got me interested in the rap game. I had a Soundcloud and found Chance the Rapper in his early years. (10 day era) I instantly fell in love with his music and Chance the Rapper as an individual. I think what he’s doing for the music industry right now is incredible.

Chance is fantastic! Which one of his albums has resonated the most with you?

I love so many songs by Chance, from his features on songs like “I’m the One” by DJ  Khaled, to “Baby Blues” by Action Bronson but my altime favorite album by him is definitely Acid Rap. If i'm ever feeling down I put on that album and listen to it straight through. It’s so well done and incredible for his first major album to be produced.

Who are some other artists you’ve been feeling lately?

Some artists that I have been vibin’ to lately are anyone from Chance the Rapper to Dillon Francis. A lot of rap and EDM artists have dropped albums lately; Post Malone, Lil’ Pump, and Galatis are just some artists that I have been listening to lately, trying to get a feeling for how there new albums are. I will be playing those songs on those albums that I enjoy the most next week on Vibin’.

We’ve noticed a lot of your interest in hip-hop being fairly new stuff, do you think we’re living in a golden era for the genre?

I think that the hip-hop genre is in the golden era, there's amazing things being done all over the place to make the industry better than it ever was. BUT I think that the rap game has changed drastically. If you listen to Eminem, Biggie, Tupac, you can hear how it originated and I think the golden era for them was the early 2000’s. There time has passed but they are legends for starting what we have today as the rap/hip-hop era.

Could you take time out of your busy schedule to draw a HipHopopotamus for us?

I’m not much of an artist but if I were to draw one, it would be this:

Where can we find you?

Anywhere from Boston to the New Hampshire border, mainly on campus or on social media (I use my personal for my show) @hoggdrew91 on Twitter and drew_hogg on Snapchat!

Be sure to tune in to Vibin', every Monday from 10 - 11PM here on WIRE. As always, we appreciate you, our readers, for locking into this week's DJ of the week post! Come back next week to see which new show we'll be featuring.  

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