And our DJ of the Week starts up again! This week we have Jeffrey Conner the host of WIRE's Rock & Talk show. Jeffrey has been with WIRE for just over a semester. Jeffrey found WIRE via his friends who were DJs here as well on WIRE and he has interests more specifically in sports radio. His favorite part of being a WIRE DJ is "getting to know that people are out there listening to what I have to say about music and the sports world."

On Jeffrey's Rock & Talk show he has two parts: the Rock part being music and the Talk part being talking about sports. The music he plays is mostly classic rock and pop from the 60s, 70s and 80s. He talks about Boston sports for his talk portion. Jeffrey describes his most memorable moment as the following: "The most memorable part of my show was probably my first show when after a few technical difficulties, I got my show up and running and it became really to me that I had a real voice that was being heard in the Wentworth community." And we here at WIRE and you listeners can expect Jeffrey to have possible interviews with several local sports icons.

Congratulations Jeffrey Conner on getting DJ of the Week! Keep at it with your amazing work as a WIRE DJ! 

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