As predicted, day two of Boston Calling was phenomenal. With acts ranging from the indie rock band The Vaccines to heavy electronic music like Odesza, it seemed like there was something for everyone. Personally, I got a lot out of this day since I didn't know too many of the bands performing. In this post I'll be talking about 5 acts that defined the day for me, along with a food vendor I really enjoyed. 

Battles Had A Jam Session

Walking into the festival I kept hearing reminders to stay hydrated, which is understandable since it was about 90 degress fahrenheit. However, I'm now questioning whether or not these announcements were made because Battles was about to perform. Why? These guys had everyone grooving out. From what I gathered they're an experimental rock group that hails from New York and released their third album not too long ago. They sounded like if some bigger band was having a jam session with no structure. In addition, the smaller audience was great because it seemed like everyone that stuck around appreciated this band's sound. 


The Vaccines Brought The Rock


The Vaccines should take a page out of their own book and go visit a doctor, because they were absolutely sick. What I anticipated to be a Sufjan Stevens-esque performance quickly turned into the rawest indie-rock show I've ever attended. These guys are also one of those rare cases where their live show trumps over any recorded material. For instance, the song "Handsome" sounded good when I listened to it on Spotify, but it sounded unbelievable when performed live. There was a certain grittiness added to all their songs that just made them so much more powerful and contagious for headbanging. At a few points in the show I felt a little bit of a punk atmosphere, which was a great change in pace from what I'm used to.  


Although Børns Isn't Death Metal, They Showed Up Just As Strong

Børns Performing "Electric Love"

After a day of mostly rock music, I was expecting Børns to up the ante by being some metal or hard rock band. If you've listened to them before, you could only imagine my surprise once the music started. However, I still liked the different style they brought to the festival. It sounded like The Beatles during their psychedelic era, except with more modern-day production involved. Something that was impressive was Børns' ability to excite the crowd and feed off their energy, which can be seen in the video above where they perform "Electric Love". In fact, the only song I've previously heard from Børns is "Electric Love", and I was left in awe when everyone in City Hall Plaza sang along to it (my biggest highlight of the day). I'll definitely be listening to more of their stuff and waiting for a new project to release. 


Odesza Took Boston Calling On A Journey

Odesza Performing "Keep Her Close"

I don't think I'll ever be able to give the boys enough credit. With every performance I've seen, they've gotten better each time. Although I missed out on being up close and personal for Miike Snow (which was also a fantastic show), it was well worth the wait. Throughout their performance they had various people come out to play live instruments in the back. One of my favorites was the guitarist, whose cover of "Kusanagi" was breathtaking. They shifted from song to song with ease, whereas one second you'll be bobbing your head to some simple beat, the next second you'll be jumping in anticipation for one of their drops. Everyone was dancing in unison, and the love the people of Boston showed for these guys was visible all around. The announcement of a new album coming has gotten a lot more hype for them, and people were hoping to hear a few new tracks. There were one or two songs I felt like I hadn't heard before, so it's nice to see them making an effort to change up their live show. Above is a video of Odesza performing "Keep Her Close", which I thought had the best visuals. You could also click HERE to see them performing their remix of "Big Girls Cry". 


Robyn Brought The Glow Show

All I could say after Robyn's performance is "holy glow sticks". After the madness of Odesza, it felt nice to chill out and watch everyone dancing with their JetBlue glow sticks. It felt like an old school traditional rave, and I couldn't help but hop in the crowd to get loose for a few. The crowd size for Robyn was noticeably smaller, making me think that maybe it would've been better to have Odesza close out the day. However, I realized that there shouldn't really be a competition for whose closing the day out. Robyn delivered a fun set that was a lot more laid-back and let me enjoy the atmosphere without going too ham-- something that's rarely done at festivals unless you go to a smaller stage.  

Food Of The Day: Copperdome Crust

I was intrigued to try out Copperdome Crust because of their tent, which literally had a copper dome. The price for slices of pizza wasn't too bad, so I went ahead and got two. The first thing I noticed was how great the cheese was, in no way did it taste artificial or cheap. The tomato sauce also complimented the cheese really well. It looks like Copperdome cares about the quality of the ingredients they use, how they put them together, and what the pizza actually looks like. I would much rather buy from them than some commercial pizza place in the area.

From left to right: Me, Mariah Cronin, Matt Chan, Micayla Riven

From left to right: Me, Mariah Cronin, Matt Chan, Micayla Riven

With the second day of Boston Calling closing out, tomorrow will be the last day of the festival until next year. There'll be constant updates on twitter for which performances I'm checking out, so you could get a good idea of whose going to be on the next post. Looking forward to sharing the last day with you!

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