WIRE DJ John Sanders knows a thing or two about EDM music. John, also knows by his music peers and fans as AJ.MP3, is extremely passionate about putting out great electronic music. He debuted with "Micropolis" a tenacious take on electronic dance music. It was met with significant success, and he's looking forward to another great year of radio and music production. We sat down with AJ.MP3 to hear more about his music and radio show! Be sure to catch AJ.Radio for his final show of the year, Monday, April 11th at 6pm! Find AJ.MP3's Micropolis on iTunesSpotify, and Google Play!


Q: WIRE loves the album! What made you start producing this kind of music?

AJ.MP3: I grew up listening to greats such as Daft Punk, and later deadmau5. There was just something about the uniqueness of electronic music and the feelings it invokes that got me so interested. Not only was I engrossed by their music, but as well as their image. I loved the mystery behind the helmets, and even built my own deadmau5 head! 

I always wanted to make my own music, but had no idea where to start. My good friend Brendan was the one that introduced me to Fruity Loops Studio, and after watching online tutorials on how to use the software, I began producing in my free time, and later came up with the image of AJ.MP3. 

Q: It seems like you've had a lot of influence from Fritz Lang's Metropolis. What was the inspiration and how did you reflect it in your music?

AJ.MP3: Being a big sci-fi movie fan, I came across Metropolis at a young age and tried watching it, but just couldn't get into it. I found it again when I started work on the album, but this version was edited with a full soundtrack by Giorgio Moroder, a name I recognized from Daft Punk's latest album. I decided to give it another watch, and was not disappointed.

The addition of the music really brought the movie alive for me. Because Metropolis was one of the first feature-length science fiction movies, and this was my first album, I felt it seemed right to pay tribute to Lang and the masterpiece he made. Different songs from the soundtrack and scenes from the movie influenced many parts of my album. For example, my song "Follow Me" was influenced by the scene where Freder meets Maria for the first time. "Where Dreams Sleep" was influenced by the song "The Legend Of Babel", a song that Moroder wrote for the soundtrack.

Q: Who are some of your favorite electronic musicians right now? Any albums you'd like to share?

AJ.MP3: Skrillex and Diplo's collaboration "Jack Ü", The Chainsmokers, and Throttle are some of my favorite artists right now. As for recommended albums, everyone should check out The Glitch Mob's  "Love Death Immortality", Madeon's "Adventure", and especially Porter Robinson's' "Worlds".

Q: Any thoughts on doing live performances? Have you done any in the past?

AJ.MP3: I actually debuted "Let's Do This, Like Old Times" from the album at my school's talent show. It was crazy, I could barely see or breathe out of my horse mask, but it was a ton of fun and the audience loved it. A couple of weeks before I released Micropolis, my friend Lucas and I DJ'ed inside the Boston Commons gazebo for an event that lasted about four hours. I've also DJ'ed a couple of birthday parties back where I live, and with my new equipment, I hope I can do some more this summer!

Q: What's the future hold for AJ.Radio?

AJ.MP3: Next Monday will be the semester finale for AJ.Radio, so expect to hear all of the best tracks I played throughout the semester! Once I come back in the fall, I'm hoping to add some people to the show and change how the show runs, so look forward to that!

AJ.Radio's last show of the year will be this Monday, April 11th at 6pm!

Find AJ.MP3's Micropolis on iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play!

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