The emergence of EDM (electronic dance music) is the music movement of the moment. It's since evolved into a wide range of subgenres since its explosive popularity in the digital age. Fan of the genre? Looking to hear more about it and dance along to some tasty beats? We sat down with DJ Evan Chu to learn more about EDM and his show - U EDM.

Q: What kind of music do your listeners hear on your show?

Evan: You can expect to hear a lot of tropical house and electro house music. You can also expect a variety of trap and remixes of popular songs.

Q: How has your experience with being a WIRE DJ been? What do you like about it?

Evan: I've been a WIRE DJ for about 4 semesters now, and every season is better then the last. You learn so much and have so much fun hosting a radio show!

Q: What are some of your favorite artists/musicians/DJs that you play on your show?

Evan: Some of my favorite artists are Diplo, GTA, Martin Garrix and Flume. You can expect to hear these and more during my broadcast.

Q: What’s the most memorable thing to happen on one of your shows?

Evan: (laughs). One time I went on my show without eating dinner and I asked for someone to bring me food to the station. I did it as a joke, but some people actually brought me food! It was a very kind act for them to do and I am forever thankful!

Q: What's your best tip for having a successful show?

Evan: My secret to having a successful show is to have new and exciting music every week. You can find great things and its always great to hear new music that can change the way things are. I love having people come up to me asking what that song was and I love showing them and telling them to tune in, because there is always new songs.

Tune in to U EDM Thursdays at 9 pm on WIRE!

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