All aboard the Boston Calling hypetrain! With only a month to spare, excitement for this music festival is booming within many colleges in the Greater Boston area. Here at Wentworth, you may have noticed posters advertising the event and offering a special discount code on tickets. These posters are going to be up for a limited time, so if you're planning on attending be sure to get the coupon code and lock in your order ASAP. If you're fully set on going, then I wish you happy festing and hope to see you there. If not, here are a few reasons I think anyone should consider going; even if you live outside of the Boston area. 

Although still growing, Boston Calling has qualities that are reassuring for even the most casual festivalgoers. For one, the lineup is incredibly diverse-- especially when compared to many of the other festivals going on this summer. Within a 3 day range you could vibe out to some Odesza, get your indie on to Sufjan Stevens, or even let your inner hip hop head loose with Vince Staples. To add on to the music, there's also a stage sponsored by Verizon, which will be used for live comedy acts such as Lamont Price, Sean Sullivan, and Kelly McFarland. After a day of dancing, laughing, and everything in between, you could get some grub from some of the independent food vendors in the area. The website also mentions that many of these vendors will have vegetarian options, catering to almost anyone's diet. Zagat placed Boston Calling in their "10 Can't Miss Food Events In May", saying that you could expect food ranging from Vietnamese cuisine to traditional American barbecue. If at any point you feel troubled or have a question, the security and Boston police are fantastic. They are thrilled to be there with you, and try their best to ensure your safety. Plus, some of them don't mind having a bit of fun themselves! Just watch the video below and see for yourself.


Lastly, this is the only major music festival that takes place in Boston. So you could expect the production team to either go big or go home on this one, and I'm fairly certain it'll be the former. Based off what I've heard from the past few years, Crash Line Productions have done a fantastic job running this event. 

If you would like some more information on the festival, feel free to click here for their FAQ and any other details. Other than that, make sure to check out all the great artists and comedians performing. Once I get a better feel for the undercard, I'll make a post for my 5 Must-see Acts At Boston Calling. Hope this post helped you, and I look forward to seeing some of you there! 



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