We all have that one artist whose name we've heard thrown around, and for whatever reason never listened to them. For me that was Hudson Mohawke. I had only heard him being mentioned in the producer credits for albums like Nothing Was The Same and The Life of Pablo. I was persuaded by his early slot during my Coachella binge-watch to tune in, despite having heard some very negative feedback about his Lantern EP. I barely had a clue of who this man was, but his performance was by-far the biggest highlight of the festival for me. 

Hudson Mohawke (also known as HudMo) started off his set with very eerie and uncanny sounds, almost as if to ward any doubters away. Although I had my doubts at first too, what followed was some of the most colorful and eccentric EDM I've ever heard. Hudson blended trap, synthpop, and those Rustie-esque sounds with ease, showing that you don't have to cater to the masses when you have a crowd that's there for the right reasons. He stuck to his roots, and that can be said for very few DJs that weekend. It was also refreshing to see Hudson guide his listeners through an unknown realm. He excelled in an area that most other performers barely touched upon-- showcasing new music. More than half the tracks he played were unreleased (IDs), and correspond to the usual styles you could expect from LuckyMe (his record label) artists. I could definitely picture some of these tracks being released on an EP or album from HudMo later on this year.

Whether it be solo work, his collab with Lunice under the moniker TNGHT, or some production work for big-name rappers, it seems like Hudson is in good hands. If any projects from him are released, we'll be sure to follow up and give a holistic review. 

You could listen to a recording of Hudson Mohawke's set right here



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