How would you feel if your mediocre album was remixed and turned into something golden? Well, probably a little like Kanye West. Peder Losnegård, better known as Lido or Trippy Turtle, is a Norwegian producer who has been making big moves in the electronic music scene. Whether he is keeping the crowd bouncing as Trippy Turtle, or composing beautiful melodies as Lido, Losnegård is always experimenting with different styles and sounds. His most recent endeavor was an 8 minute remix of Kanye West's album The Life of Pablo. Due to my stance on West's usual content, I was expecting to come out dissatisfied-- this didn't end up being the case. 

Right off the bat Lido starts with gospel vocals that erupt into lush filled synths, with a percussion section that you just can't help but nod along to. After a small transition we're hit with what I believe is the most technical and impressive part of the compilation, Lido's "I Love Kanye" remix. Kanye's vocals here are mixed to sound deeper, groovier, and much more refined. Towards the end of this remix, Lido takes a laugh sample and manages to create a banger of a beat; although it felt a little spontaneous, it ended up fitting in quite nicely. The compilation ends with a smooth take on "FML ft. The Weeknd". This track just shows how Lido was able to take the gospel sound that Kanye was going for, and successfully put his own spin on it. 

Upon downloading the track, it's found that the file name is "Life Of Peder (Part One)". Could this be a hint that there's another release coming? If the previously mentioned tracks were reworked into such great pieces, one could only imagine the potential behind remixes of "Wolves" or "No More Parties In LA" . Whether or not a part 2 is coming, we'll be keeping our eyes out for more fresh Lido. 

A stream for these 8 minutes of ear candy can be found below. If you enjoy it, feel free to cop it from the official site here

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