Despite the semester wrapping up in less than a month, we're happy to see that people are still interested in hosting their own radio shows! WIRE runs in the summer semesters, so Juniors and Seniors that are returning for classes can still have the opportunity to host their shows. We at WIRE are unbelievably proud of the creativity that our DJs put into their unique shows every day.

We're proud to announce that we have three new programs joining the WIRE schedule this week. First, is WITworks Radio - a talk show hosted by distinguished faculty members from Wentworth's own Co-Op and Career Center. Enjoy an hour of co-op and career advice from Robbin Beauchamp, Director of Co-Op Education and Career Development; Chris McIntyre, Co-Op and Career Advisor; Becky Smith, Co-Op and Career Advisor for Business Management, Facilities Management, and Industrial Design; and Lauren Creamer,  Co-Op and Career Advisor for Biomedical Engineering, Applied Mathematics, and Electromechanical Engineering.

Second is RattPack Radio - hosted by our newest DJ, Humphrey Ajike! This hour of prime radio features some tasteful beats combined with a little sports/philosophy talk on the side. Catch RattPack Radio on Tuesdays at 11am - perfect for some catchy background music during lunch time!

Last but not least is Wentworth Alumni Tim Bartollini and WIRE Station Director Dave Kreider with Heavy Metal Hump Day. This is an extreme hour of music on Wednesdays at 10-11pm covering the classics of progressive, heavy, industrial, and black metal. Crank up your volume and thrash with them! Rama lama fa fa fa.

We're all very excited to hear some quality music and discussions from these new programs. If you're a Wentworth student or faculty member and you're interested in having a radio show of your very own, please go to our declaration page to get started! We love having new shows join our growing team, and we're looking forward to the semesters to come!

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