Happy Monday, everyone! It's the second day of Spring, but you wouldn't ever think so with all this snow. Let's celebrate the soon-to-be wonderful weather with this week's DJ of the Week! Today we joined Peter Gray to hear more about his talk show, Peter Speaks.

Q: What got you to join WIRE, Peter?

A: I joined WIRE because I wanted to find a way to use my voice talent and have people listen to it over the radio.

Q: Why should new listeners check out your show?

A: I think people should listen to my show to hear some different thoughts on some things that go on in today's world. Nothing too controversial!

Q: Tell us about a great thing that happened during one of your shows.

A: In my episode titled "Cheeseburgers", I made the episode surprisingly funny. Normally, I don't aim for humor, so that's a big deal. (And people loved it!)

Q: What's your secret to a successful show?

A: I do not have much of a secret. But what I mostly do is take a look at things that happened during the week and think of the best way to let people know of my experience. I'm starting a new method where I write my script as a chapter of a book and read it in the designated voice.

Hear more about everything pop culture, from Kim Possible to Chimichangas with Peter Speaks - every Saturday at 10:00 AM! Check out a sneak peek HERE!

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