This Week's DJs of the Week are the world-famous hosts of the "The Mike and AJ Show (With Chris)"! Did you know that faculty and staff members could have their own shows at WIRE? If you have a passion for sports and talk, join AJ Andreucci, Mike Williams, and Chris Scanlon every Wednesday at 12 Noon to hear the latest in the wide wide world of sports.

Q: What can we expect to hear on your show?
A: We are a sports talk radio show featuring two of New England's brightest sports minds and a dash of Philadelphia on the side. Our forte of late has been the NFL as we started a few weeks into the beginning of the 2015 season.

Q: What are some of your favorite sports/teams?
A: We enjoy talking about the Patriots and Sox the most. We do stay current with updates in sports to diversify the show.

Q: What got you guys to start your show on WIRE? 
A: Mike aka The Sports Guy convinced AJ to do a show because, frankly, the people need to hear their hit takes. Chris joined in as a featured guest and was promoted to long term third seat chiming in as needed or begging for more hockey talk. All three of us enjoy WIRE and wanted to be involved especially since two of us work is the Campus Center.

Q: Why should we listen to your show?
A: We have the hottest takes on all of New England's Internet-based college radio. Mike and Chris try pretty had to rattle AJ and see if they can get hears gears going. Every now and then Mike comes in hot with a passionate soap box speech on a topic, and Chris has recently figured out how to get the phone to work. We really enjoy sports and we approach the show like three people you'd want to hang out and watch a game with. We enjoy having people call in as well.

Q: Tell us about a great thing that happened during one of your shows. 
A: The first day we had a caller was fun. We just set up the phone and were interacting on Twitter with fans of the program and one called in. We handled it like true professionals.

A: You have a lot to say on your show. Do you rehearse and plan for it ahead of time?
Q: Our secret is we actually do plan our show. The weeks we think and do research it shows. We also try to remind friends about the slot and to listen during lunch.

Catch The Mike and AJ Show (With Chris) Wednesdays at Noon!

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