Hope you have all been enjoying your time off for President's Day! We sat down with one of WIRE's newest show hosts, Hailey Mulvey, to hear what her new show "Fazed Out" is all about!

Q: What can we expect to hear on your show?
H: I usually play a general mixture of post-punk and alternative punk music.

Q: What are some of your favorite bands/artists you’ll be playing?
H: Some of my favorite bands/artists that I play are Turnover, Basement, and Title Fight. They all have their own unique style and it adds good variety to the music that I play!

Q: What got you to join WIRE?
H: I had wanted to join WIRE since my first semester but I felt like I didn’t have enough time in my schedule, what really interested me though was the fact that the station was basically run by students. It was super cool to me to think that this station was completely by students, and for students.

Q: Why should we listen to your show?
H: I think that if you’re interested in hearing the underground side of music that you don’t usually hear on the radio, you should listen to my show. I always play a good variety, and try to shine a light on the local scene too. Recently, I’ve been showcasing one local band a week and I hope to start getting people in for interviews soon!

Q: Tell us about a great thing that happened during one of your shows.
H: One great thing that has happened during one of my shows was that, I was on air and I had said something along the lines of “if you have a local band and want to be featured on my show contact me,” and almost immediately after I said that I was getting messages from people I didn’t even know that are in the local scene wanting to be featured. I just thought that was super cool because it was kind of the first time that I realized that people actually do listen to my show and enjoy what they’re hearing!

Q: You’ve had a successful show so far. What’s your secret?
H: I think the secret to having a successful show is asking everyone to listen. Every week I’ll remind my friends what time my show is at and I’ll put up the link on my Facebook and twitter account to try and draw in more listeners, and soon enough I had people I didn’t even know telling me they love my show and what I play on it. And, I know my show is still relatively new, but I think the biggest secret to being successful is staying true to your personal brand, and paying attention to criticism. I know the music I play may not be necessarily liked by enormous amounts of people, but to the people that do like it, it must feel really cool to hear songs they like being played on a big station like WIRE. I try to pay close attention to criticism too, like I’ll ask my friends what they thought of my show and if they say, something like “oh it was great! But… you talked a little too fast, or your music had too big of a gap in between each song, etc.” I’ll try to focus the most on the criticism they gave me during my next show.

Catch Fazed Out every Tuesday at 12:00 Noon!

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