On November 4th, 2016, WIRE teamed up with Wentworth's Japanese Culture and Anime Club to bring on the Anime Social event. It was a lot cooler than picture as much as hanging in a dusty old building sounds pretty cool. WIRE's studio director, Dave Kreider, and myself, Sarah Davis, helped to provide music for the social that happened in the multipurpose room. Japanese music of different kinds were played as provided by myself and Dave. There were two events that went on: Anime Charades and Name That Intro. Each contest would have a third, second and first place winner that would get to chose from one of six possible prizes.

Anime Charades was the first event that took place. One person had to some how act out the name of the anime they were given. Some people would do iconic movements of a character from that anime or act out the actual word. For instance, one anime that had to be guessed was Bobobo-bo Bo-Bobo and the student who had to act out did squiggly lines coming from his nose to signify the iconic nose hair of the character who happens to have the same name as the anime. For the anime Black Butler, the student performing had pointed to the black backdrop and made a butler motion. The E-Board, which included myself, got to pick the anime and we only charaded when a student didn't know how to charade either option given and for the tie-breaker.

Shortly after there was a proclaimed winner of Anime Charades, Name That Intro happened. Being WIRE, I took charge in having this contest go. Participants had a pen and paper and had to write down the name of the anime for the intro song that I played. I played about a minute to a minute and a half for the song to allow everyone enough time to think and write down the answer. To make a bit of challenge, I had played English dubs of some and then the originals for the others. There were a total of 18 songs that I had played and after counting up the amount right, it was evident that people should definitely listen to the intros more often instead of just skipping them.

With the scrambling of last minute details with Chartwells and the like, it was a successful event. I hope as a member of both the Japanese Culture and Anime Club and WIRE, there will be more collabs done. For those interested, the Japanese Culture and Anime Club meets on Wednesdays at 5pm in Beatty 401. Thank you all, and have a wonderful week!

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