Bob Katz is a man of many talents. Growing up in Queens, he made a name for himself with his versatile vocal talents; which he has used extensively throughout the city. From songs and one-man performance pieces about mangoes to edgier poetry and lyricism, Bob's discography and musical stylings continue to develop and expand. The Mangfather caught out attention after introducing us to his latest viral hit, Caught in a Butt Sandwich. We were thrilled to get a hold of him as he had been in Boston this weekend for a memorial service for his close friend, the late Joseph Wheelwright

Bob sheds light on his history as a singer and songwriter, as well as the many influential figures on his life - both in music and in art. Hear more about Bob and the making of Caught in a Butt Sandwich below on WIRE's Mixcloud page. Like what you hear? Buy his CD and support The Mangfather on his CDBaby page.

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