For those out there who are aren't very aware of the meme culture, they wouldn't have a clue what songs are the biggest memes in music. Those two songs are All Star by Smash Mouth and In The End by Linkin Park. In The End is a meme song as the lyrics most often used are "I tried so hard to get so far, but in the end it doesn't even matter" for when someone was trying something and they failed. I believe All Star has become a meme because it is the main theme of the movie Shrek which in itself is a meme as well. The creator of this meme-tastic melody took the lyrics from All Star and the instrumentals from In The End. This mash-up has a very creepy sound to it as the different key signatures are layered together. Often times when you layer different key signatures and they blend together well, you get something creepy. As a friend explained this to me, this is also how horror movie music is made. Before this short blog post comes to end, I'd like to say that this is a well created mash-up from views as a meme-lord and a music lover.

To listen to the song yourself, follow this link: 

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