As we all know, each year an author from somewhere in the world wins the Nobel Literature Prize. The author has generally written something that is qualified as the "most outstanding work in an ideal direction." However, for the 2016 Nobel Lit Prize, the first songwriter in 115 years wins it. That person being Bob Dylan. Bob Dylan is also the second American to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

The reason as to why Bob Dylan was chosen is that he created "new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition". Bob Dylan does indeed deserve it for the fact that he introduced something new to an old art that's been around for a long time. I personally believe that is an amazing feat to make, especially since poetry is one of the oldest forms of literature and even before literacy was even a thing. Plenty of former poets have stated that Dylan's songs could work as poems. If you take a look at his lyrics, they very easily could be poems if you didn't know better.

Congratulations Bob Dylan! You've earned your rightful place among the great authors and poets as one of them. If you want to read the article yourself, follow this link:


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