To many people, they have never heard of the artist Kerli. For those who don't know who Kerli is, Kerli is a singer and songwriter from Estonia. The genre of music she writes is called transcendental electronic music. When looking at her music videos for her songs, you can see a lot of influences from fantastical creatures, fairy tales, Eastern Europe and even some Japanese influences. On her Facebook page, she has stated that part of her influence comes from "everyone that's ever loved me and everyone that's ever hurt me." Kerli has a catchphrase for her listeners, whom she calls Moon Babies, which is "Integrity. Love. Unity."

In the beginning of this year, Kerli had returned to her home in Estonia to connect back to her roots and bring back more music that she feels fits her more. In a recent vlog, Kerli stated that she is very happy with the music that she is making and the album she's working on will come out a little bit later than originally planned due to her producing her own videos and everything. However, she has released three of the songs from the album which anyone can listen to on her channel KerliOfficial on YouTube. The three songs she released are called Feral Hearts, Blossom, and Diamond Hard, the last one being the most recent on July 27th of this year. Kerli also has two slightly different versions of Blossom and Feral Hearts. Blossom has "The Halls of Heaven Season" version and Feral Hearts has "The Sacred Forest Session".

Feral Hearts is the first of the three songs that Kerli has recently released. This song was written and connected to the animals, plants and spirits of the ancient beliefs of Kerli's homeland. Some of the influences are the Sirens of The White River, the Spider Goddess of the Viru Bog, a Tree Spirit of Tädu Kuusk, which is a special tree in Estonia and finally the White Stag of the Viimsi woods. This particular song goes back to where she first found her inspiration when she was younger. The song was released on February 25th, 2016.

Blossom is an ode to the plant kingdom. It's not only a survival story but also a story about learning to thrive in the face of obstacles. At the end of the video, credits roll and the first thing mentioned are the healing plants of Estonia that helped influenced the song. The plants Kerli chose are mugwort, fireweed, nettle, malva, filipendula, and great mullein. The song was released on April 28th, 2016.

Diamond Hard is a song about true strength and true resilience. This particular song is a very important milestone for her as it was the first one that she both produced the music and directed the video by herself. There are influences of Estonian folklore and mythology to help tell the tale of light vs dark of a person's inner spirit. This song also has a different feel of music than the other two. Diamond Hard has a harder and more bass driven instrumental while Blossom and Feral Hearts were softer. Diamond Hard is also my personal favorite out of the three.

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