Hey all! This week's DJ of The Week is John Sanders! You can listen in to John's radio show, AJ.Radio, every Friday from 6pm to 8pm. This will be John's second year being a DJ, here on WIRE. The show name, AJ.Radio, comes from the name he's been using to produce music for almost three years: AJ.MP3. John and his friends play EDM, pop and any kind of music they feel up to playing. 

A reason as to why John joined WIRE is his love for playing and sharing music with others. He stated that he was inspired to start his own show by some friends from the Random Assault podcast. To him, WIRE is the perfect place to do this type of thing as WIRE gives so many opportunities to be as creative as you can possibly be. John stated that "being able to have total creative freedom on WIRE has me up all night before a show, brainstorming new and different ideas that you normally wouldn't see on the radio." He also does his show with a few good friends and it's definitely one of his favorites things that WIRE has given him. 

John has had a rather interesting experience on the radio quite recently that he won't be forgetting anytime soon. Last week, they had interviewed a friend who had just had a colonoscopy. Said friend named Matt had gone into full detail about the colonoscopy while on air. Our own studio director, Dave Kreider, has told John "that interview was legendary." Once again, congrats to John Sanders on being DJ of The Week.

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