We are proud to announce that this week's (and WIRE's first) DJ of the Week is DJ Zeviso from Electric WIT!
We sat down and asked him a few questions about what Electric WIT is all about.


Q: What can we expect to hear on Electric WIT?

A: I play electronic music of all sorts. Usually I try to keep it to a certain genre for that weeks show such as Deep House, Future Bass, or Progressive. I do my best to keep track of the songs played from previous weeks so that I always have new songs on air each week.

Q: What are some of your favorite bands you’ll be playing?

A: It all depends on that weeks show genera of EDM. With Deep House, I tend to check out Thomas Jack and his Soundcloud to search out some new music. With Trap or Dubstep, I usually grab some music from Getter or anyone in the "Twonk Team". In the past I've played Zomboy, Brillz, Ghastly, UFO! and Lookas.

Q: What got you into electronic/EDM music? Do you produce any, yourself?

A: I used to be a heavy metal head, scremo, death core, you name it. I had never heard of EDM until between 9th and 10th grade in High School. Hearing Kaskade and Hardwell for the first time, I felt uplifted and it gave me positive vibes, other than just liking the music for what it was, as Rock and Metal gave me. A group of my friends from High schoolll also loved it and we started to go to shows and festivals together. I think that my love for very heavy Dubstep though, like Getter - Rip n' Dip is a reminiscence of my past favorite music history.
I don't produce any new songs of my own, however, I do make mixes with the name Zeviso when I get some free time, nothing professional, just a hobby!

Q: Why should we listen to Electric WIT?

A: Electric WIT can give you a full hour of new music that you may have not heard before, and will open you up to new and interesting genres of EDM.

Id like to start to, once a month, play only new songs that have just recently been released so stay dialed in on Mondays to hear more about that.

Catch Zeviso and Electric WIT Mondays at 7pm only on WIRE.
That's tonight at 7 on WIRE.
Check out a sneak peek here.

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